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Доброго времени суток! Будет ли здесь доступна русская версия этой игры? Что-то слышал про нее на Ролеконе

Русской версией занимается Рыжий Библиотекарь, и, скорее всего, перевод будет у них на странице.

Я к русской версии отношения не имею и знаю не больше остальных :)

То есть эта игра изначально создавалась на английском и русского "оригинала" у нее нет? Очень любопытно)

Are still developing Really 3D Chess? I only have a Mac, could not play. I've written new rules with an Archer piece, super pawn.

No, that game is pretty much dead. It was a little jam project, and it's highly unlikely I'll ever return to it.

Ahh bummer, It is the very thing I was hoping to code, I'm just a novice in Java coding. Is this something I could tinker with your code? I have a few ideas on a 8x8 facet cube with a new Archer piece / super pawn, dead piece being reintroduced back into play ( I call it Samsara ). Call it an obsession . I've also fabricated a 32" metal cube to play my Archer Chess game, It large enough to reach your arm into the cube. If you allow me to use your old coding project could you email the file to me?   terrycarbary@ Thanks, Terry

A really clever take on both noir and Lovecraftian horror, with a lot of smart ideas peppered throughout the document. Congratulations on an excellent game!